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Septic Installation and Repair

We work to get every septic system install or repair completed in a timely and budget friendly manner.  AJH specializes in completing real estate closing septic repairs! Give us a call today for your septic repair needs!

Septic Repair

Repair existing septic systems including:


  • D-Box or distribution box replacement

  • Upgrading of Tank 

  • Baffle Replacement

  • Sewer Line replacement or repair

  • Septic field repair

  • Septic tank replacement or repair 

We specialize in Real Estate septic closing repairs! Many homes today are failing home inspection reports for septic problems.  We can help address a failed septic report and conduct the necessary repairs if possible.

Septic (new) install


There is always that unfortunate time when you walk out into your backyard, and you notice a very "green" area of grass on your property.  Or your back yard is always wet, even during a drought.  Or simply you could be selling your house and a home inspection report states that your septic system is exhausted and a new one is required.  At AJH Construction, we specialize in septic system installation.  We can provide:


  • Free estimates on all work that is required

  • Fair pricing 

  • Project completion in a timely and safe manner

  • Professionalism and knowledge  

  • All systems will be inspected by licensed engineers as well as the local board of health


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